Why Buy Grain Free Dog Food?

21 June, 2012



Why Buy Grain Free Dog Food?

As people try and eat healthier and more natural these days, it’s a natural tendency to want to feed healthier and more natural food to their beloved pets.  But what exactly is Grain Free Dog Food and what makes it different?

Grain Free Dog Foods are becoming more and more common on store shelves.  They are a great alternative to regular dog foods that are normally heavy on grains.  This leads to a better overall dog food quality, considering the  grain is usually replaced by more nutrient rich ingredients, and more nutrients mean shinier coats and healthier skin for your pet.

Grain Free Dog Food can also help reduce allergies that many dogs experience while eating grain in their food.  Dogs are by design meat eating animals, and the addition of grains and carbohydrates to their diets can lead to allergic reactions and digestive issues.  Grain Free Dog Food can help reduce these reactions while improving digestion since dogs are engineered to digest proteins and fats more efficiently and naturally.

The main disadvantage of Grain Free Dog Food is the increased price.  A person can expect to pay up to 25% more for grain free food than they would regular dog food.  That is quite a hefty mark up, especially as the weight of your dog increases and their need to eat more food rises.

Pet’s Barn produces its very own brand of Grain Free Dog Food called Activa Grain Free locally in El Paso, Texas.  Our food is then shipped straight from the factory to each of our stores, usually within the same week as it was made.  That means our food does not sit on our shelves for long, giving you the freshest dog food possible.

What also makes Pet’s Barn’s Grain Free Dog Food special is the fact that we have various flavors to choose from.  Meats like Lamb, Venison, Turkey, Duck and Salmon provide a great source of protein, with potatoes contributing a healthy source of Carbohydrates.


Coming straight from the factory to the store and to our online customers allows the Pet’s Barn’s Grain Free line to be sold at a substantial savings to that of our leading competition. Combine those savings with our $4.95 site wide shipping and you can save some real money on a great and healthy alternative to your dogs diet.

Why not give our Activa brand of Grain Free a try?

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  1. 26 June, 2012, 09:15 adsense protection

    I love your grain free dog food! My dog absolutely devours your salmon flavor!

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