Activa® Oven Baked Dog Food

11 November, 2013

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Activa® Oven Baked Dog Food

Website-imageIntroducing the newest member of our Activa® Dog Food family.  After long hours in the Activa® creation center, we have perfected the oven baking process to help keep to maximize the health benefits, taste and aroma of our Activa® dog food.  

There are several benefits when it comes to Oven Baked Dog Food including the ability to keep almost 100% of the ingredients vitamin content, a great savory flavor and aroma that dogs will devour, the ability to feed your dog less kibble overall while still keeping their hunger the same and the ability to reduce gastric torsion (bloat).

The most common manufacturing process to product dog food is called extrusion, where food is cooked and formed into kibble.  This is done by forcing the food through high pressure high temperature dies to create the kibble shapes.  While extrusion is by far the most popular dry dog food manufacturing process, it does have its drawbacks.  The main drawback is the fact that through the extrusion process there will be a loss in ingredients vitamins.  This is where oven baked and roasted dog food shines.  Through the slow oven baking process these vitamins remain in the food, a great benefit to the oven baking process.

Another advantage is the great flavor and aroma that each bite of kibble inherits when being slow cooked in our ovens.  The browning of meat and other ingredients during the baking process caramelizes the food, leaving only a flavor and aroma that is irresistible to most dogs.

While Oven Baked Dry Dog Food is slightly more expensive, you are typically able to save money based on other dry kibble.  Baked kibble on average weighs 20% less than extruded kibble, while providing high quality nutrition.  Oven baked food is also more nutrient dense than extruded foods, so you may end up actually feeding less to your pet overall.

Oven Baked Dog food also helps reduce the risk of gastric torsion (bloat) that dogs commonly experience with extruded food. The baked kibble does not swell when consumed since baking reduces the air and expansion caused by extrusion.

Activa® Oven Baked Dog Food is now available at all Pet’s Barn locations and online.  Try and see the multiple benefits that oven roasting dog food can bring to both your pet and your wallet.

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